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21 Free Lightroom Preset Sources

Lightroom Loves Presets!


UPDATE 1: Due to the popularity of our free preset list, we have dedicated a new page full of 39 more Free Lightroom Presets!

UPDATE 2: Free Lightroom Presets (Part 2) can be found here.

UPDATE 3: Complete .zip file of RoTP Presets: RoTP - All Presets (31920)


Adobe Lightroom is so powerful that often times you can get away without editing your image in Photoshop! What makes lightroom even more deadly is it’s ability to completely change the look and feel of an image with one simple click of abutton. Just click one of the many presets available! Lightroom comes built in with around a dozen, but there are many-many more out there! I would guess that the following list has +100 free lightroom presets… so start searching for some you love!

Presets might initially seem like a button that sits on the sidebar that’s “too good to be true”, but realistically it is the perfect start to professionally editing your image. Perhaps you want to apply the same effect on a batch of holiday photos? Well set up a preset based on the initial setting from the first photo – and apply it on all the others! It’s as easy as that, and you can now tweak each photo individually…. and remember, Lightroom uses non-destructive editing so you don’t have to worry about mistakes! Simply take a step back in your history if you’re not liking what you see!



21 Free Lightroom Preset Sources:


Of course the list would not be complete without our very own RoTP LR presets :

Complete .zip file of RoTP Presets: RoTP - All Presets (31920)

(How to install lightroom presets are further down)

Original Image in Lightroom, Exported to Photoshop


An Aged Grunge Lightroom Preset Applied

RoTP - Aged Grunge

RoTP - Aged Grunge (7729)
Barn Edited In Photoshop, Then Used A Lightroom (LR) Preset


Classic B&W (Black and White) LR Preset

RoTP - Black & White (V1)

RoTP - Black & White (6285)
Great Soft Preset used in Adobe products

RoTP - Soft Sun

RoTP - Soft Sun (6258)
Dreamy LR Preset

RoTP - Dreamy

RoTP - Dreamy (5847)
Another dreamy LR Preset

RoTP - Dreamy (high)

RoTP - Dreamy (high) (5091)
Natural LR Preset applied to Photo of Barn

RoTP - Naturalis

RoTP - Naturalis (8404)


Black and White Lightroom Preset

RoTP - Black & White (V2)

RoTP - Black & White (V2) (5092)

Installing Lightroom Presets:

Installing development presets in lightroom is very easy! Simply download any of the above presets, then navigate to your downloads folder. From there, simply double click on the downloaded development preset and a dialogue box from lightroom will pop up. It will ask if you would like to install the preset. Simply click accept and lightroom will take care of everything!

Exporting Lightroom Presets:

You can easily export your own lightroom presets! Simply make your photo edits and click the (+) to create the preset in your lightroom. Then right-click and select export. Now share your presets with all your friends!

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