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To Grip, or Not To Grip?

Battery Grip

You either love or hate camera battery grips… personally I love them!

Camera’s are getting smaller and smaller which in many ways is a good thing because they are lighter and not as bulky, however I like a larger feeling camera body. The new Canon Rebel for example just feels so small in my larger hands and just does not feel stable. I felt the same thing when I bought my new Canon 50D… so I threw on a battery pack!

Ok, so it feels bigger and is easier to hold, but what else will it do?

  • 2x the batteries = 2x the time without charging!
  • Don’t feel like a dork with your right hand over your head while taking vertical shots.
  • Focus button, and index finger dials are in the same position as a horizontal camera would have.
  • More of a natural feel.
  • Makes it appear you have a bigger, more expensive, more professional camera.

There is always a bad side to every story, so here it is:

  • Extra weight.
  • Mounting another piece to your camera may add extra shake while mounted to a tripod.

I love my battery mount! I never need to worry about batteries because it will last so long! Everything just feels natural in your hand while doing vertical and horizontal shots!

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