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Sunset and Sunrise Times

Even though I previously stated in an older article that there was always a good time to shoot for certain photos – landscape photographers still try shooting for the “golden hour” or “magic hour” which is the first and last hour of sunlight through the day. Now to know this magical hour we need to know the specific sunset and sunrise times. However, before we get into that – what is the benefit of shooting through a sunset and sunrise?

  • Warmer light.
  • Softer light.
  • Softer contrast.
  • Longer shadows.
  • Sunrise – Often accompanied by fog which may give you some phenomenal shots with the sun glowing through.

Because the light is diffused more through the sky you will get less contrast, lighter shadows, less blown highlights. As an end result, your images will often evoke much stronger emotions and have powerful compositions.


sunset and sunrise times

Sunset and Sunrise Times


What to bring through sunset and sunrise times?

  1. Tripod – In the low light you will often need the extra stability.
  2. Bracketing – Popular to bracket when taking pictures in the sunset and sunrise times.
  3. Remote Trigger – Depending how early or late you get out, you may even wish to bring a remote trigger to reduce camera shake.
  4. Wide Angle Lens – A wide angle lens accompanied with a full frame camera can create extremely dramatic landscape images.
  5. Warm Clothes – It is much colder than you think while the sun is not around!

Ok, so this leads to our question: How do we know when the sunset and sunrise times are?

Simply visit this link and enter your location. It will generate a calendar with the sunset and sunrise times displayed on each day, along with the moon phase if you add that option.

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  1. Mark Hooper says:

    Well that is for US right?
    this is the one i use for Canada

  2. Brandon Bolin says:

    Hey Mark, great link! I’ve been there a few times too. The link in the article is for Canada too.

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