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Sort Through Pictures Day!

So, usually we tell you to go out shooting! Today is going to be your exception! Today should be the day that you sit back at home, grab a coffee, and start sorting your images.

Lightroom 2 With Keyword Box Open

Lightroom 2 With Keyword Box Open

  1. Make sure you are using an image sorting program like Adobe Lightroom, iPhoto, Bridge, or Aperture. Using programs such as these, makes it much quicker to work with and edit photos, in comparison to simply sorting images via folders on your desktop.
  2. Learn how to place keywords on images. Or, start moving images to subject folders. I prefer to simply keyword the photo with a specific subject instead of physically moving the image location.
  3. While you are busy key-wording, delete the pictures that didn’t turn out! No point in keeping them – they just chew up HD space!
  4. Add a Copyright to your photos! This simple step makes exporting images much quicker. Also, in older versions of Lightroom (1 & 2) it will export with a watermark if your copyright name has been entered.
  5. Make a list of photo’s that should be going into your personal portfolio.
  6. Make a list of photo’s that family is still waiting to see 😉
  7. Back up your computer after all this work! Either use an external HD, or an online location.

One full day and you can achieve a lot! Bring back some hard drive space, sorted photo’s, improved your portfolio, and found pictures you didn’t realize you had! Digital photography does have it’s downsides – it’s not all point and shoot! There is work to be done, and today sounds like a good day to do it!

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