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It’s The Photographer, Not The Camera

In today’s day and age it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the media and the pro’s saying “you need the best equipment”; but Simon Neal from Red Deer AB, knew this wasn’t so. After submitting his image into our monthly challenge – and winning – he told the community he did it with only his cell phone!

Well my name is Simon Neal, I am 20 years old and live in Red Deer Alberta.

How did I get into photography? Ever since i was just a little toddler messing around with a camera and taking picture; it has always just felt right. In my early teens I knew I had loved photography but was so caught up in cliche teenage life that I didnt pursue it. I’ve never owned my own camera which suprises me, considering my strong passion. Once I bought my cell phone, which is a Samsung Omnia, I realized I had a camera with me all the time. So I began trying out different angles and exposures just by utilizing my cell phone camera that is only 5.0 Mega Pixels.

What keeps me motivated to go out and shoot? My biggest motivational factor would be the fact that I am creating my own personal art. It’s an amazing feeling to just be adventuring for the next best spot to shoot some photos. Also, I love the challenge of creating an image that you can look at and truly be inspired by it. I just dont have the money to purchase an expensive camera right now, but hopefully an opportunity comes soon for me to get one.

What other thoughts do I have about photography? I beleive photography is a great way to express who you are as a person. My favorite type of photography is Abstract. Abstract art just blows my mind out of the water, it’s so unique. Photography is a part of me, its a part of who I am.

What is your plan in the future in terms of career, equipment, etc? My future plan for photography is to hopefully make it my career, but for now I’m pursuing Social Work as my career. However, photography will never leave my side. As for equipment….well I’m not too sure haha. I’ve been checking out Canon High Definiton cameras and those look amazing.  I’ve taught myself everything I know so far about photography and I just keep on learning. My dream is to be traveling around the world shooting in all sorts of areas and open my own art gallery to sell my art. Well that’s long term and a dream, but dreams can happen if you work at them!

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