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Your US travel experience has just changed!

Your Airport Experience has just changed in the U.S.A.


Are you a travel photographer?  Have you wondered by you have had to removed your laptop and place it in a separate bin for screening at the security check point?  Well this requirement has expanded to all your electronics and camera gear.  Over the years I have had to pull my laptop out of my bag and place it in a separate bin for screening and I could leave all my remaining electronics in my bags.  However now we must remove ALL electronics larger than your average iPhone and place them into a bin.

So from here on you must remove your camera gear (lenses & bodies) from your backpack and place individually into a bin for screening.

You might wonder why they are now implementing this procedure?  According to TSA it is to allow them to have a clearer X-ray image of your carry-on baggage.

We should note however TSA states “Whether you are flying TO, FROM, or WITHIN the United States…” which presumably means your security experience in your home country (Canada in our case) is likely to change.

“It is critical for TSA to constantly enhance and adjust security screening procedures to stay ahead of evolving threats and keep passengers safe,” says acting TSA administrator Huban A. Gowadia. “By separating personal electronic items such as laptops, tablets, e-readers and handheld game consoles for screening, TSA officers can more closely focus on resolving alarms and stopping terror threats.”

“It is possible that passengers may experience more bag checks,” the TSA says, “however, through extensive testing, TSA identified ways to improve screening procedures with quicker and more targeted measures to clear the bags.

Bring what you want, just be prepared for extensive and expanded security checks.  We are all in favour of security to make our travel safe and secure.

Plan your trip and be prepared for delays!

~RoTP team



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