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You have 10,000 Pictures

My average image file size using my Canon 50D is anywhere between 15-20 MB, and with a few simple edits or panoramic they can easily hit 1gig. So, after 10 000 images what happens? I have one full computer… and a ton of photo’s. Now I question myself: when was the last time I even looked back at the first 1000 photo’s?¬†Am I saying I should go back and delete some? No. I’m just saying we should be displaying our artwork to the public instead of keeping them buried in the bowels of our hard drive!

So you have 10 000 pictures, now what?

  • Make your computer sleep mode automatically rotate through your image folder.
  • Upload images to your Apple TV, or other media device… once again showing in sleep mode!
  • Upload some to the digital picture frame that still sits in the corner collecting dust from last christmas!
  • Upload some to your ipod and ipad! You never know who you meet that might want to see your photo’s! (Also good for a quick portfolio)
  • Upload a few to Facebook and Flickr. I’m very cautious when uploading to 3rd party servers… but one or two photo’s never hurt. Just remember to watermark them.
  • Use the ol’ fashion method! Print some, then goto Walmart and buy a few frames! Then give to friends and family!
  • Donate a few photo prints to charities!
  • Email half dozen images with watermarks to friends and family! Sometimes they will start some awesome email chains which is great advertising for you!
  • Change your desktop image!
  • Print out Christmas Cards with your images! Or goto Walmart again and get them to print on coffee mugs or other awesome accessories!
  • Join our forum and show us your work!

There are so many people with amazing images hiding deep within their computer, and nobody ever sees them! Go find 5 great images from longer than one year ago, and post them to our forum (or any of the above options)! Get those images out there!

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