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What is a DCIM folder?

We have all encountered it at one time or another.  If you are like me I always remove the memory card from my camera and insert it into my computer (or card reader attached to the computer) and had to navigate to a folder on the card called “DCIM” in order to download my images.  So what is this DCIM folder?

DCIM is short for “Digital Camera IMages” and is a standard created long ago for a specific folder for all cameras including our smartphones to store pictures.  Our cameras will automatically look at the memory card inserted and look for this DCIM folder.  If it doesn’t exist it will create it automatically.

Some applications (like Adobe Lightroom) will look for this folder in order to save time to scan the entire card for images.  If it finds a DCIM folder it already knows that folder contains images and doesn’t have to look further.  This saves time for the application looking for photos.

There you go… mystery solved.

~RoTP team

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