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Google Maps Find Photo Locations!

Google Maps is great to find your way to the nearest McDonalds, or the directions home… but is it any help in finding photography locations? I THINK SO!

I was recently assigned a photo shoot for a lowered Chevy S10 with custom body work, and I already knew the sort of shots I was looking for. Something industrial looking… brick walls, lines, large garage doors, etc. So I opened google maps, loaded up my city, and used the new “walk around” feature. Simply click the little yellow guy above the zoom bar and drag him onto a road. Google maps will now load the “walk around” or “virtual tour”.

So from my home, about an hour away, I found the perfect photo location. Here are my results:

Google Maps "Walk Around View" (shots taken around the corner)

Final Results

That is all there is too it! I emailed the client the shooting location, and we met there a few days later! Obviously this only works for urban shots that google has set up this feature in…

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  1. Hi friends, I just finish of develop and i think that maybe can be interesting for you.

    You can upload a picture with gps information, like photos from iphone, smartphones, etc and then the system show you de position where was maked the picture.

    At the moment is only a version beta, but I hope you enjoy it!

    Paco Fernandez

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