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The Benefits Of A Forum Frenzy

Photography is a very complex and complicated hobby that is very – very difficult to expand into a full time career. Many of us may understand the whole “take picture, show to image to friends” idea, but to be successful to a financial degree one must be knowledgeable about selling, printing, post-production, colour profiling, and almost most importantly: networking.


It always amazes me to hear someone ask “what is a forum”! To a new photographer, forums offer a free alternative to learn new skills and find unique inspiration. You can find photographers from every point in the industry such as wedding photographers, automotive, food, action, astronomy, slow motion, and tons more! Every community member is eager to share their lessons and new ideas which immediately result in a very exponential rate of learning! Forums allows experienced users to reply to questions from other users, and are by far my favourite way to learn any new subject!


Helping out other members on a forum have two prime incentives: Firstly, it is a quick and easy way to retain your skills as you are repeating them to new users. As they say, the more you teach, the better you learn. Secondly, and most importantly, senior members (members with tons and tons of extremely helpful posts) have a very key group of people that recognize them, their artwork, and continue on to potentially find customers. These members are the people posting links and sending emails to their friends about your work. It is a basic, yet extremely effective method of networking while not relying on Facebook.

Types of Photography Forums

Most photography forums found online are quite general and have threads (or categories) about practically every point about photography (film, digital, post-production, inspiration, projects, people, macro, etc). Some forums do focus more on one particular category (such as challenges or dSLR’s), so be sure to check out the entire forum before dedicating much time on it. It is always a good idea to check and see how many posts are replied to daily as it is not much help if there are never any active forum members online. Continue below for a list of our favourite photography forums that have many helpful and active members. The second column lists some specific bird and wedding photography forums which have gained interest.

Forum Etiquette

Forums are always exciting, and fun to participate in, so do your part! Reply to the best of your ability and never put another photographers work down. Constructive criticism however, is accepted and is encouraged! Be sure to read your forum’s rules and guidelines, and follow any administrator rules. Please check out the above links and join one of the many growing photography communities!

~RoTP Team

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