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The Patience of Waiting

Patiently waiting for your shot.

The Patience of Waiting

Are you one to sit at a location waiting for the right lighting to hit your subject? Or are you one that moves on thinking “if it’s not happening here it must be happening somewhere else?”.  I was recently in Banff National Park along the Bow Valley Parkway and shot this picture and when I was done packed up and left only to see the train about 5 minutes later heading to this exact location.  Can you imagine how this would have looked with a train coming through?

Here is the irony!  I was camping not to far from this location last summer and knew trains passed through this location at least 6 or 8 times a day.  Had I had the patience I would have certainly caught a more dramatic image that day.

So, are you patient or do you move on?  There is certainly no wrong answer to this question.


~RoTP team

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