Sometimes a person just gets lucky! That’s a line some people might describe the eagle shot but luck does come when you work at it. Getting up at 4:30am to meet a friend in the parking lot at 5:30am to do a hike that took us almost 1.5 hours. Nice weather, soft light and and we are perched on a cliff just above the bald eagles nest. 

Over the years I’ve taught people photography techniques and when it comes to wildlife shooting I always tell them… shoot and then shoot some more. You never know what might unfold in front of you.

On this particular occasion one eagle was sitting on the nest while its mate was out (presumably looking for breakfast). Then I heard a screech, the mate was coming in. I turn and started shooting the mate as it was approaching the nest. Suddenly the eagle sitting on the nest jumped up and the two did this acrobatic mid-aerial embrace that was fun to watch and the two quickly fell from the sky and separated, flew and landed on a nearby tree.

Keep shooting, you never know what you might get.

Eagle Mate coming home
Nesting mate jumps out of nest.
Let’s go…

Still playing.
The eagles drop out of frame and gone…

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