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Technology – What’s next?

Technology – What’s next?

Canon 5D Mark III rumoured release day.

Canon 5D Mark II


While we talked about Technology – History & Today,  most are more interested in technology of tomorrow or what is right around the corner.

Canon & Nikon have recently released their 1DX and D4 respectively but many are waiting for their next big announcement.  What will the next Canon 5D Mark III look like?  Nikon D800?  What about the next Apple iMac, iPad 3, or MacBook Pro?

While we at RoTP focus on education we are often asked what we think is coming down the pipe.  We don’t really know, and for most of us we use the tools we currently have and not worry about the next generation of tools.  After all you can easily become fixated in chasing pixels.

So what is coming:

  • High megapixel sensors? (30+ Mp)
  • Eye control focus?
  • Even better video?
  • Faster FPS?
  • Cleaner images (ISO)?
  • Better flash sync times?
  • etc.
The answer is “Yes” but it’s only a matter of time.  Will it be released right around the corner or later?  What really is right around the corner?  Those who know don’t say, and those who say don’t know!
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