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Shoot Now, Learn Later?

So yesterday I was fortunate enough to goto the Battlegrounds in Red Deer which included three FMX shows and three concerts. We made it there at 12, picked up our media passes, then came back at 3:30pm for the second FMX show, final Concert, and the final FMX show.


Battlegrounds - Shoot @ Higher Shutter Speed

It was a pretty awesome event! Hardly anyone showed up, but that was great for us photographers! Front row seats for all our shots! Of course we had the option of going within the fence due to our media pass, but there really was no need.

Photoshopped A Full Jump

So what did I learn at the shoot?

  • I learned to stop – even durring action – and double check settings.
  • Learned to shoot at higher shutter speeds for crisper images.
  • Learned to keep a large enough buffer on my CF to have shots ready for the next jumper.
  • A rapid strap is really handy…
  • Double check ISO and all settings!


My first FMX show shot’s were slightly disappointing. The lighting wasn’t as good, and my shots were more out of focus than in focus. Then the ones in focus were blurry due to a slower shutter speed. However, this only made my shots for the second show much better!

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