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mac screen capture

Mac Screen Capture

Hey guys, I thought I would share one of my absolute favourite features found on a mac… the screen capture. Built right into their latest OS, all you need to do is hold [apple] + [shift] + [4]. Your curser will then change into a small cross hair and you can click and drag a grey box around the area you wish to capture. The captured images will go to your pictures folder as a default. I recommend changing it to your desktop.

When do I use screen capture:

  • eMail a photo really quickly without going through the hassle of exporting!
  • Measuring tool for website design. While taking the screen shot it will show you the length & width of the box in pixels.
  • Snapshot’s of quick little blobs of info found on the internet!
  • Taking snapshots of a screen for photoshop tutorials!

I hope this helps! There are programs out there like SnagIt but what is the point when you already have it for free!?!? On a windows computer you have a print screen button on the keyboard that saves your entire screen onto your clip board ready to be pasted somewhere.

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