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Canon Canada Inc. is Going Green!

My generation (the younger generation) have (surprisingly) been opting for more and more green products, even if it means paying $1’s more. I know that I feel guilty every time I buy plastic bags when shopping at a grocery store, therefore, I usually end up akwardly carrying six individual items to my car.  Along with myself, I know my girlfriend carries a small recyclable bag in her purse to use all the time (which is quite convenient when shopping with her). 😛

I think the above principle example demonstrates how we are very slowly making footsteps to a greener future, but what can we do to speed up this process? Perhaps the answer is to get large corporate businesses to take the next step! Luckily, that is exactly the approach Canon Canada Inc. has taken! With large measures taken to reduce any environmental impact, they have made it on “10 Companies To Become Genuinely Green”. More information on their environmental approach may be found here.

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