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Photographing The World Wars

So, this past weekend I was out shooting at a local off road competition and of course there are many other photographers milling about, and thus I met up with David Richardson. We began killing time by talking about photo equipment and techniques, however, after a while we started talking about the old film camera’s and then next thing I know we’re talking about photographing the world war’s. Sure we have all seen many famous pictures, but have we ever stopped and considered how they came into existence? It made me stop for a second and think about how lucky I was to be shooting this local off road competition instead of the front line of a military squadron.

The photographers “back in the day” where often the first to touch ground because they had to be ready to take their pictures. Back then the only option was film, so they carried rolls and rolls of film around, and if they were lucky they might have had a Leica III that was one of the most compact camera’s at the time.

So next time you are out shooting, just take a moment and think about how lucky we are. 🙂

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