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Mini Review: 15″ MacBook Pro

Well guys, I am one giddy little boy! My brand new shiny aluminum 15″ i5MacBook Pro finally came through the mail!

I had previously owned a 15″ Core 2 Duo 2.2GHZ MacBook Pro with 2Gig RAM & 250Gig HD @ 7200 RPM, and for the past two and a half months it has been one great machine! It was fast, reliable, had great battery life and seemed to be the perfect computer. That was until it got older and I practically filled the hard drive with images. No longer could I run email, safari, itunes, Lightroom, and Photoshop all at once. I would be forced to run only Lightroom or Photoshop at one time which really reduced the workflow. It was time to upgrade.

I decided to go with the 15″ once again just because of the portability. Go any larger and it is hard to find a bag that will fit it, and then you are also adding the extra weight. Make it any smaller and there is no point in having it as a photography laptop. Now I also upgraded the screen to the anti-glare and the higher resolution – and man does it make a huge difference! The screen is the same matte screen as it was previously, but with 36% more pixel’s the screen really looks sharp! The additional screen real estate is going to be a bonus while working in Photoshop too!

I went with the i5 because it will have slightly better battery life, and I can’t complain with 3.06GHz in Turbo mode! Also, installed 4 gig ram, and 500gig 7200 RPM HD.

So far this machine is amazing! It’s fast! I have been running every program mentioned so far plus others all at once with hardly a hiccup! I have been editing high res images and making digital banners in photoshop and it is just simply awesome! As a quick performance test between the two laptops I had itunes, safari, and lightroom running at the same time on both laptops; then had lightroom export the same 31 images to the desktop and also render a signature to every photo. The overall result was my new i5 MBP was 35% faster, completing it in just 190sec. Scrolling through Lightroom is a breeze, and images load very-very quickly!

The new keyboard looks very slick, and the trackpad is quite handy with it’s multi-touch gestures. Already I have used the rotate feature about a half dozen times (never would have thought I would be using that feature! All it took was a few pictures and a couple scan’s that didn’t come out straight!) Having all the plugs on the left is nice, you never need to be looking all around your laptop for the correct plug – they are all on the left.

Lastly, the battery has been quite good. Running Lightroom and Photoshop last night it was showing around four hours of life. If you were to use it just for email or internet I’m sure it can easily hit the 8 hour mark like Apple says it can.

I highly recommend the i5 MacBook Pro for any level photographer! Either be it editing or storing images, it will serve you well!

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