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Lightroom Face Recognition

What is Face Recognition?

Face recognition for lightroom is an add-on where you may tag friend, foes, and family automatically after the software begins to recognize each individual’s face. How cool is that!?! Face recognition has been a popular add-on for the iPhoto enthusiasts, however it is now available in the Adobe Lightroom programs!

Cool! How Can I Get It?

Believe it or not, GOOGLE released free software to add Lightroom facial recognition! Follow this link for more details, as I don’t won’t re-write someone else’s amazing job on explaining how to install this add-on, so here you go: Lightroom Face Recognition

Lighroom Face Recognition for free - Lightroom Face Recognition

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3 responses to “Lightroom Face Recognition”

  1. Brandon Bolin says:

    Yea, it’s a great feature… unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to tagging people. 😛 Great to have you on the site BlinkinLights!

  2. Blinkinlights says:

    I just installed Aperture 3.0 the other day and was glad to see that they too had added the facial recognition that iPhoto had included a few months ago. Facial recognition makes it almost simple now to compile pictures for slide shows of specific people.


  3. Gill says:

    nice post. thanks.

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