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Go Shooting – Upside Down!

Yep, that’s right! We’re going to be shooting upside down today! Why? It’s all due to the location of a flash mounted to the camera. It is always found on top (unless you’ve got it set up wirelessly or some other set up)… so what is wrong with shooting from the top? Well the light is going on a downwards angle. Instead, shooting with your camera upside down, your light will evenly light up lower objects.

When is this good?

  • Shooting cars. The front end will actually be properly lit, instead of a nasty reflection off of the hood.
  • Shooting portraits on the beach, especially with a sunset or sunrise. The sand will be nicely lit up with decent shadows since the light isn’t at the downwards angle.

Simply flip all the images over in a batch once you get home and your done! Good luck! P.s. I found this great tip over at DPS!

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