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iPad & Mobile Compatible Websites

The Apple iPad Is An Incredible Device.

Play games, check emails, update notes, and browse websites… until you hit a flash gallery.

The Problem For Photographers?

Unfortunately most photography websites are done in flash, or at the very least the gallery portion is flash based. These galleries are slow, tiring, and nothing is more annoying than your flash gallery playing music overtop my iTunes! Perhaps the greatest issue for us is the inaccessibility of a flash website. It will not work on iPad’s, iPhones, iPods, and many mobile devices (not to mention the standard computers without a flash-player).

The Solution:

Build your website gallery as html. Yes, it may not seem as “flashy”, but the increased accessibility will only benefit you. For example, you can now bring your iPad anywhere you’d like, and simply goto your website for a mobile portfolio! This means you can goto any exhibit, or client and show them your work! Plus users won’t leave your website in annoyance so quickly! As some personal advertising, goto Bolin Graphics for photography website re-designs. This includes cross-browser, ipad & mobile devices compatibility, integrated e-commerce and printing solutions. For a great example, check out Bolin Photo, our gallery revamp!

That is todays wonderful advice! Sorry for the short post, but we are working on a large “Photoshop For Photographers” post! Stay tuned!

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