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Interactive Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed – In photography, shutter speed is a common term used to discuss exposure time, the effective length of time a shutter is open.

Please wait for it to fully download, Then move your curser over the different Shutter Speeds

The above interactive shutter speed example is built from 100% real images with the exact shutter speed as specified. This isn’t another “Photoshopped” example of one image with different values – but the real thing! These examples have been taken with a Canon 50D, Sigma 28-70, ISO 250, Aperture 8.0, No Flash, right off the camera with no further editing.

Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO are your three key components while taking pictures – so don’t go skipping any of these articles!

Shutter Speed is the amount of time your shutter remains open. A longer shutter results in more light going through your lens and hitting your sensor, resulting in a greater exposure. A short shutter only lets in fractions of a second of light through your lens and onto your sensor.

Most people who aren’t shooting Auto will often shoot in AV (Aperture Priority) where you choose the aperture and the camera automatically finds a decent shutter speed, however this is not always a good thing!  Always watch your shutter value when shooting and make sure it is reasonable for what you are shooting! Anything longer than 1/250 sec will require a tripod.

13" Long Shutter

1/2000 – Anything faster than this is for extremely well lighted areas with no blur intended.

1/1000 – 1/500 – Anything that is quite well lighted, and you intend to have no blur. (Capture helicopter blades with no blur).

1/250 – May have some blur depending upon your subject. This is your “may need tripod” speed.

1/125 – 1/8 – Good for indoor photography with no moving objects. Will require tripod.

2″ and UP – Usually used for night photography or long exposure images. Will require tripod.

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