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Infrared Camera Conversion

infrared camera conversion

Infrared Camera Conversion

Looking for an Infrared Camera Conversion?

Look no further than Life Pixel!

Here is my experience:
After placing my order for IR Conversion for my Canon 5D on their website I receive an e-mail with shipping instructions and an order sheet that I place in the shipping box.

I shipped my Canon 5D expedited air from Alberta to Mukilteo, WA on Friday and it arrives on Tuesday. Upon receipt by Life Pixel I receive an e-mail indicating they have received the camera (in fact I got it before the UPS e-mail).

I paid an extra $75.00 for rush service as I wanted the camera back for my upcoming Japan trip. I received another e-mail 2 hours later indicating they had converted my camera and it was now complete. Shortly afterwards, yes another e-mail providing me the tracking details for my return package.

I just received it today and have done some preliminary shots and so far I’m quite happy.

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