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Date postedApril 6, 2010
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Free Digital Backdrops

The Joy of Lightroom Presets

Posting & Finding Free Lightroom Presets

If you have your own free presets,¬†feel free to comment with a link and we will get you up on the list! In the mean time, feel free to browse through our growing collection from around the world. If you previously found this page off our old post, you will find this list to be much more extensive… with 37 free presets and counting, there ought to be at least one source with your name on it! Everything from wedding presets, soft focus, Black and White, infra-red, and more can be found. If any particular effect is missing, please use our contact page and fire off a message and we will try to accommodate for your needs! Lastly, we invite you to read our thoughts on what is photography!

Support Rule of Thirds Photography

To help support our website, we offer an additional 20 exclusive Lightroom Presets for only $5.99. We would greatly appreciate it.

Past Lightroom Preset lists be found here, and here.

Purchase Adobe Lightroom 5

Lightroom 5.7 is Adobe’s latest version, with tons of new improvements! Everything from huge performance updates to the simple thing’s such as exporting with a signature or using more advanced vignetting techniques; it is all found in Adobe Lightroom 5! You can jump to and download their free trial from the below links.¬†
Download Adobe Lightroom 5.0

40 Lightroom Preset Sources:



Installing A Preset

Installing a Lightroom preset is pretty much as easy as it is to download them. You only need to worry about the compatibility of the preset. All the old presets will work for new versions of Lightroom, however a preset made in Lightroom 5 may not be downward compatible. Some missing features is advanced noise reduction and vignetting for example.

Many of our presets download in a .zip format. Simply double click, or right click and extract the file. Once finished extraction, simply double click the file and a dialogue box will appear for installation (below).

Install Preset Dialogue Box

Select “install” and Lightroom takes care of everything for you! Simply visit your ‘Develop” module in Lightroom to play around with your newfound preset!

Creating Your Own Preset

Preset’s are simply a saved version of the current settings found in your ‘Develop’ module. Once you are satisfied with your current settings, press the small ‘+’ button next to the ‘Preset” title on the left hand column (below).

A dialogue box will appear where you are able to choose exactly which settings you would like saved. Some things may be image specific such as spot cloning, or perhaps a specific cropping, so make sure you take a look at what you want checked off.


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