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Focal Point

From The Words Of Wiki:

Focal Point – a Focal Point focuses specifically on a point of interest which makes a canvas unique.

From The Words Of RoTP:

Focal Point is often referred to as the point of focus, or in blatant terms: The greatest eye drawing subject on your photograph. Many people enjoy quick simple photo’s because they can get a message across fast. This is due to the focal point being so clear. A very cluttered image may force a users eye in unwanted positions giving it a failing grade in terms of a clear focal point.

Focal Point - Railroad Tracks

Focal Point = 1/3 Left Side

How Do You Make  A More Defined Focal Point?

Size – Increase the size of your main subject in comparison to the background or distracting objects.

Position – Keeping your subject within the Rule of Thirds will help draw the user’s eye.

Focus – Keep you subject in sharp focus.

Human Form – The human form is the number one “shape” that will draw a users eye. If you’re shooting urban areas, make sure to get clear facial shots when focusing on the human form.

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