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Exclusive Lightroom Presets

Enhance Your Photography!

Lightroom Presets give you the power to easily transform your images! With the click of your mouse, your image has the potential of being the “one hit wonder”. Easily access all of your presets via Lightroom’s built in preset pane found on the left hand side, and hover over each preset to view a live preview of each preset applied to your image.

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1. Start Basic

Start out easy! Click a preset for instant results to add dramatic results to your photos!

2. Advance Further

Every preset is adjustable under the development module in Lightroom! At any time, adjust the brightness, contrast, tint, or any other settings!


Lightroom Presets Running on iMac

What’s Included:

Our Exclusive Lightroom Preset Collection contains 30 NEW hand-crafted Adobe Lightroom Presets that are capable of running in the latest update of LR 3. Each preset is designed to adopt new feelings to your photo, or enhance particular details!

  • Aged Grunge
  • Beach Warm
  • Black and White
  • Black and White V2.0
  • Black and White Pop
  • Black and White Bright
  • Dreamy
  • Dreamy (high)
  • Easy Auto
  • Light Leak
  • NEW Black and White 1 – 10
  • Light Leak V2.0
  • Lime
  • Naturalis
  • Old
  • Quick Brighten
  • Quick Sharpen
  • Raspberry
  • Sky Pop
  • Soft Sun
  • Warmth

Unlimited Upgrades!

Any additional presets to this exclusive set will be downloadable any time in the future! We plan on adding more requested presets, such as special wedding effects, or quick and easy sharpening filters!


Lightroom Presets dramatically improve many of my images without even opening advanced software like Adobe Photoshop!” ~ Monika

I LOVE your black and white preset, the dark one. It looks good on just about everything, (after adjusting lighting)! Got lots of compliments on the photos edited with it. Thanks!” ~Sherry

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