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Mike Olbinski

Check out this very fascinating video created by Mike Oblinski.  Interesting Michael states “Just your typical storm-chasing, wedding photographer”.  Check out his work and his video, I’m sure you will enjoy!! If you want to learn more about Mike check out his “Meet Mike” page, you will be inspired!! ~RoTP team

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Your Airport Experience has just changed in the U.S.A. Are you a travel photographer?  Have you wondered by you have had to removed your laptop and place it in a separate bin for screening at the security check point?  Well this requirement has expanded to all your electronics and camera gear.  Over the years I […]

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So you are off at a photo shoot of some sort, whether it be wedding, commercial, landscape, whatever… ARE YOU BACKED UP?  What happens if your memory card fails?, camera gear fails or is stolen?, you download onto your laptop but it is stolen along with everything else as well? Unfortunately for Haleigh W. (full […]

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Top 10 items I often carry in my bag… While it’s common to be asked “What’s in your camera bag?” in terms of what cameras and lenses I’m using there is a whole other side of what’s in my bag that can be and often is quite valuable to have.  Like a good boy scout […]

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  The Missed Shot! Ever had one of those days where you are with someone and at the end of the day you are sharing photos and wonder “How did they get that shot? and Why did I miss it?”.  I have to admit when my wife and I are out it happens, however it’s […]

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California based photographer Michael Shainblum put together this fabulous time lapse video. Watch the video… enough said!