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Mike Olbinski

Check out this very fascinating video created by Mike Oblinski.  Interesting Michael states “Just your typical storm-chasing, wedding photographer”.  Check out his work and his video, I’m sure you will enjoy!! If you want to learn more about Mike check out his “Meet Mike” page, you will be inspired!! ~RoTP team

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QNAP 670 Pro_FI

Recently I wrote about how a photographer lost 20 different photo shoots and some of the things you can do to prevent this. Now you are back in your home or office and it’s time to securely backup everything before you go to format those memory cards for use in your camera again. Key items […]

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So you are off at a photo shoot of some sort, whether it be wedding, commercial, landscape, whatever… ARE YOU BACKED UP?  What happens if your memory card fails?, camera gear fails or is stolen?, you download onto your laptop but it is stolen along with everything else as well? Unfortunately for Haleigh W. (full […]

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Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG) file format With the advent of digital photography a number of years ago, Adobe developed and created an open source publicly available specification called the Digital Negative or DNG for short.  This was released to the public in 2004. As camera manufacturers developed new cameras they often developed a new camera […]

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LR Dashboard 3-Edit_FI

Today I came across an interesting Adobe Lightroom tool.  Cheyne Wallace at Lightroom Dashboard is a Software Developer based in San Fransisco and an avid photographer in his spare time. LR Dashboard was built to better understand your habits while shooting and as it turns out perhaps enlighten you with what gear you really need […]

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Lighroom 6 release At long last (almost 2 years since LR 5 was released) Adobe has released Photoshop Lightroom 6.0.  This long anticipated release includes: Facial recognition HDR (High Dynamic range processing) Panorama’s New brushes and radial filters More slideshow options Performance enhancements Easier photo sharing Along with the desktop update the mobile app includes: […]