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Mike Olbinski

Check out this very fascinating video created by Mike Oblinski.  Interesting Michael states “Just your typical storm-chasing, wedding photographer”.  Check out his work and his video, I’m sure you will enjoy!! If you want to learn more about Mike check out his “Meet Mike” page, you will be inspired!! ~RoTP team

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iPad mini propeller shot

On a recent flight while in Southeast Asia we boarded a regional commuter flight and I was fortunate enough to sit close to the turbo-prop of this aircraft.  I decided to pull out my iPad mini and shoot some stills and video.  I knew the camera in the iPad is not like your normal camera […]

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What constitutes Landscape Photography over that of a Snapshot? We have all seen them, sometimes we are them, the individual out shooting during the middle of the day with harsh light taking pictures of scenery or landscapes with less than interesting composition, foreground, or background.  If you want some sharp looking, vibrant, contrasty looking pictures […]

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Best Images of Castles

I have forever been intrigued by castles… imagine a civilization that resided within a castle, either for protection, or for a central marketing hub. They have captured my imagination for years, especially after reading dozens of fantasy novels. So I figure, what is the best kind of inspiration? Examples that have so many stories behind […]

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5D Mark III replacing Mark II

Technology – What’s next?   While we talked about Technology – History & Today,  most are more interested in technology of tomorrow or what is right around the corner. Canon & Nikon have recently released their 1DX and D4 respectively but many are waiting for their next big announcement.  What will the next Canon 5D Mark […]

Be Creative!


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Be Creative Photography

Photography + Creativity = Excellence Creativity is the basis to good photography! Lets face it – you can know every technical aspect to the world of photography, but if you lack creativity, you lack a good photography portfolio. I ran into this awesome video on WebTuts+ network that can easily be applied to any designer, […]