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Canon Dial Fix 5D Mark II and 7D

There are many reasons why I shoot with Canon 1D series gear.  Not only are these bodies durable and resilient to rain and dust that I’m often shooting in while doing wildlife photography but I also have confidence in the gear to perform.  Part of that confidence is knowing when I pick up my camera that the settings are ready for my shooting experience.  I’ve owned several Canon bodies over the years (D60, 20D, 5D, 7D) all of which have a command dial that can be easily switched from the Av shooting mode I generally shoot in to any one of the other modes on the dial.  This can be very frustrating when I grab the camera and ready to shoot only to find it’s on a different setting.

I know of some people who simply put tape over the dial to prevent its accidental movement.  This is fine if it’s gaffer tape that leaves no sticky residue behind, but many don’t like to put tape over their new camera.

Canon has finally came out with a service depot fix.  Like the Canon 60D you can have a new mode dial installed on your body that requires you to push in the center button to enable the dial to turn.  Without pushing in the center button the mode dial is locked.

Thank you Canon!

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