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Camera Mobility

The Evolution

Lets face it, digital camera manufacturers are pushing out more advanced camera’s into every day items, specifically the cell phone. In the past few years, Apple has risen to one of the top positions in the cellular mobility world and offer one of the most advanced cell phones: the iPhone. I have one. My entire family owns them. Many of my friends carry them. The technology available at your fingertips are amazing! This article is not specifically based just on the iPhone, it can also be easily applied to almost all the current smartphones.

The Megapixel Factor

The iPhone and the HTC Evo 3D both employ a powerful 5 megapixel built in digital camera. This is more than enough megapixels crammed into ┬ásuch a small sensor, however Samsung’s new smart phone Galaxy S II features an even greater 8 megapixel camera; with rumours of the Apple iPhone 5 to follow suit! What does this mean? Well in reality, they are all following the same trend as the small point and shoot cameras. Megapixels is only one small factor in choosing a camera. Too many on a small sensor and images become too grainy. Not enough and they may seem muddy and lack details. With this thought in mind, cell phone manufacturers will have to take up more space in their phone to designate an area for a larger image sensor. This way camera’s can continue their race of being the megapixel king.

The Change In Lifestyle

So what does this all mean? Simply put, it means that without any thought at all, we can pull out a fully functional digital camera with relatively good image quality! Take my latest trip for example: I wanted to go mountain biking. Yet this didn’t mean I couldn’t take photos! Photography is my hobby, not my career or profession, therefore, when I pull out my iPhone from my pocket and snap a photo, it meets many of my expectations. Being realistic though, it doesn’t mean I can take head shots of a bear I come across, but instead, means I can take very-very good images to display my travels on Facebook. For the majority of people out taking images for fun and to show off to their friends, this pocket technology is often more than enough. There is almost no point in carrying around an additional point and shoot camera! Leave it at home and grab your smartphone!

The Add Ons

Just to throw in a twist to this article, initially directed more towards the hobbyist, fotojojo has developed a pretty unique case that actually allows a user to mount a full dSLR camera lens! This means more time learning the ins and outs of composition before someone has to needlessly dive into a $2500 camera body. Is it the most practical? Probably not… but we will see how this product actually turn out!

iPhone with dSLR Lens


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