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Bright Photography Inspiration!

 A Bright Idea!

Photography requires inspiration now and then… so what better idea than to capture that “lightbulb” moment! Scroll below for our favourite eight lightbulb photographs!

Camera Settings:

Should you choose to photograph your own lightbulb moments, be sure to account for the extreme light, and increase your shutter speed, or keep a large aperture (ex: f32). Some extra effects may be added in post-processing such as HDR, Focus Stacking, or adding texture overlays! Enjoy!

~RoTP Team

LightBulb v1


Lightbulb Experiment 5

Dread Pirate Jeff

Light Bulb


Lightbulb 110/365

attila acs



Spooky Lightbulb


Silver tipped lightbulb


Light Urn

Temari 09

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  1. monmi das says:

    its an inspiration, i myself is very much interested in black and white. though an amateur, still trying hard to click….its amazing,i really freaked out these pic, n its very important one should know that every thing in this world has its own character, whether living object or non living. it’s how we focus on the object , that is more important.

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