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Best Time To Take Pictures

When is the best time to take pictures?

Quite simply, there is NEVER a bad time to take photo’s, instead, it is a question on what photo’s to take at what time. Many photographers will sit at home through high noon because the best lighting conditions are in the morning and afternoon… they don’t realize how many great shot’s they have missed! Hopefully this article will show you that there is never a reason not to be out shooting – unless you’re just too lazy.

Here’s an example of a great shot at EVERY TIME OF DAY!

Morningwill give you some of the best lighting for landscape shots, portrait shots, wildlife.

Best Time To Take Pictures


High Noon – shots are often better than morning or late afternoon while trekking in the forest. The sun will be able to get through the thick brush from above and you will be able to light up some amazing waterfalls.

Best Time To Take Pictures

High Noon

Sundownyou will often get the same shots as you would during sunrise, however the sun is on the opposite side giving you completely new images.

Best Time To Take Pictures


Midnight (City)Long exposure shots are a lot of fun, especially if you’re in a big city with lots of light! Also, try some light-painting – long exposure shots, however you paint by aiming a flashlight at the camera.

Best Time To Take Pictures

Midnight (city)

Midnight (low light pollution)In areas of low light you can get some amazing star trails!

Best Time To Take Pictures

Midnight (LLP)

OvercastAn overcast day can often lead to some amazing shots! You’ll be really lucky if just a small beam of light manages to break through the dense, dark clouds.

Best Time To Take Pictures


When You Just Don’t Want To Be OutsideSometimes you’ll be feeling really lazy and just will not feel like getting out of the house… if that’s the case try lighting objects with some bedside lamps (used by the picture below). Of course if you own studio equipment this list can include portrait photography, product photography, ect…

Rule Of Thirds Photography

Staying Indoors

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