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Rule of Thirds Photography is an exciting website to share amazing articles, inspiring stories, and detailed tutorials! Then we top it all off with free lightroom presets and other juicy giveaways! If you feel like you would enjoy being a part of all of this, then continue down the page and fill out our form! We encourage you to post links to your own portfolio! This isn’t spamming… it is a source to more inspiring photos!

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Being featured gives you free exposure to over 16000 monthly page views! Get your name out, get your portfolio out, get your story out, and display an amazing article on our great website!

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Your photos belong to you! We will only use your images in your article and will not share, nor will we sell any images! We are photographers too and know how frustrating it is to see our images spread freely online! Watermark your images if you would like!


We encourage photographers of all skill levels to participate, however only upload your top 5 .jpg images. The best of the best! These images will all link to your portfolio on the live article. Article must be at very minimum 300 words. Write a personal bio, a tutorial, a short story about a photo shoot, your favourite equipment, the best thing about photography, or anything else you may feel that RoTP readers may enjoy!

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