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Adobe Lightroom CC announcement

Welcome to Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe just announced their idea of “The future of photography.  Here Today.”  Adobe Lightroom CC is Adobe’s new cloud-based service.  Lightroom CC will allow you to edit, organize, store and share full resolution photos from anywhere you have an internet connection.  This works with your CC subscription and all your photos are accessible from any desktop, tablet or smartphone after you have logged in.

In addition to this announcement Adobe has released an update to what we all know as Lightroom CC, now renamed to Lightroom Classic CC.  This is the desktop version that we are accustomed to over the past 10 years.  The new update includes performance improvements and new features such as Color Range and Luminance Masking to make precise tone-based selections for local adjustments.

So the question is, is this right for you?  Let me answer that from my own perspective.  Adobe’s new LR CC does not offer all the same functionality as the Classic version, so that is a non-starter for me.  I shoot both HDR & Panoramic shots and don’t want to change my current workflow.  What I have works for me and don’t want to change (call me old if you like).  However, with the “Lightroom Classic CC” name you just have to know that at some point the “Classic” version is on its way out so at some point we’ll likely have to change to the cloud based version.

Also the most space you can subscribe to with Adobe is 1TB.  I have well in excess of 1TB of photos.  So what do I do with the others?  I am also nervous of having my photo collection in the hands of a 3rd party.  Are my photos truly secure?  I’d hate to wake up one morning, sit down at my computer, log into LR CC and find a blank screen (insert fear & panic here).  I have a complete backup solution and confident in the security of my files and my desktop solution/workflow.

Will the new Lightroom CC work for you?  If you:

  • have a small set of photos (less than 1TB),
  • use LR more for a personal vs. professional,
  • do not have a comprehensive backup solution,
  • do not have a beefy computer workstation capable of handling the processing requirements of LR,
  • enjoy sharing your work on social media,

then LR CC is very likely a good solution for you.

~RoTP Team

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