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Welcome to Rule of Thirds Photography! We are a small website dedicated to providing unique, interesting tips, tutorials, and anything else photography related. Many users are from Central Alberta, however everyone is welcome!

We have recently opened a community forum, so be sure to join up! Also check out our Challenges! All information on the challenges can be found in the forum.

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The Guys Behind The Site:

Creator/Author: Hey guys, my name is Brandon Bolin! Creator and author of many of the articles found on the site! Rule of Thirds Photography started simply as an SEO experiment, and quickly grew from there. Originally Kelly Bolin and I ran Red Pixel Media, a design and photography website, but this site grew so quickly in comparison that we now focus completely on RoTP.

I have been interested in photography for years, probably when I got a small point n’ shoot camera for christmas… but my interest in it did not really expand until my dad brought me to Alaska to photograph grizzly bears! Since that day my passion for photography exponentially increased. My future plans are to take Digital Media at Grant Macewan Edmonton, and keep photography close to my side. Anywho, I hope everyone enjoys the site! If you have any article ideas feel free to contact us!

Creator/Author: An adventurer, teacher, and avid wildlife and nature photographer are only a few words that describe Kelly. Respecting the natural environment and striving to capture the essence of the rich wildlife, people, and culture of the travel destinations Kelly has travelled are key to successful photography.

In addition to wildlife and nature photography Kelly is actively involved in humanitarian relief efforts in Africa and does documentary photography work for “A Better World”, a humanitarian relief organization.

With over 25 years of photography experience and current on photography and image processing technology, Kelly is passionate about delivering the best out of the environment around him. Join Kelly in one of his workshops and you too will feel the passion for the environment.

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