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23 Mind-Blowing HDR Photographs

Welcome To The World of HDR

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR, or HDRI) is an increasingly popular digital editing technique that can be finished in a matter of minutes! For this reason, controversy on the post-production technique of HDR has exploded across practically every online photo-forum dealing with the issue of “how much HDR is too much?” The post-processing technique is often over utilized and perhaps is already being considered “old” and “out-dated” by now! Personally, it is a great way to have fun with your photo’s!


What Is HDR?

HDR is a photography practice of shooting multiple images of the same scene in multiple different exposures. Usually there are 3 or 5 images taken. Then, in post-processing the images are layered upon each other by HDR software such as Photomatix, or Adobe Photoshop. The end result is and HDR image, often with very exaggerated contrast to give it a very “phantasmal” feeling.

Historical HDR:

High Dynamic Range photography may be a big boom now with the advent of digital technology, but it was in fact first used in 1850 by Gustave Grey. His intent was to have an image displaying both the sky and the sea – meaning two different exposures.

After shooting two negatives, he layered them and created one “blended” image displaying the first example of HDR.

Wide Angle

Using a wide angle lens often help develop a surreal effect due the the additional distortion at the corners of the image. Try it out!

Taipei 101 (HDR)

Adirondack Scenic Railway

"Resting Boat" - Burtonport, Donegal (June 2011)


Is This Brutally Ugly Enough :: HDR

HDR: Farrnbachtal Valley

HDR Tank

Molino HDR

I have sailed the seven seas ...

Dranesville Tavern

The Library of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia :: HDR

BMW Z4 sDrive 23i, HDR

Field HDR.Seattle Skyline - HDR

St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne (III) :: HDR

Mohatta Palace Karachi :: HDR (Explored)

Drano Lake 2 - HDR

HDR Clouds

City in HDR

Old Town Victoria (HDR)



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Kromme Rijnpad

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